GoldShell KD MAX is the best investment for the bear market!


The GoldShell KD MAX is the only miner you will ever need!

GoldShell KD MAX
GoldShell KD MAX

The mining potential of the GoldShell KD MAX:

    When it comes to the real money makers the GoldShell KD MAX is the 4th most profitable miner on the market right now! Only a few ETH miners are higher on the profitability chars, but that will not be the case for much longer, since the "merge" is slowly coming to fruition and the Ethereum ming dream will soon turn upside down for quite a few people!
    Kadena on the other hand has no plans to be moving into a proof-of-stake system since it doesn't need to! It is a third-generation crypto that has a nice blend of both the first-gen mining style and uses the efficiency and smart contracts capabilities of the newer more utility-driven cryptos!
    So we basically have a sort of mix between BTC and ETH that can do both of their jobs and do it better! And yes Bitcoin is quite a different case, but the mining aspect of it is what that reference was aimed at. Kadena as a project has some huge potential since it caters to both the old-school and newer generation of crypto investors with its NFT capabilities!
    Not to mention the huge corporations backing it up, one of which is the biggest investment bank in America, the JPMorgan. And if that is not enough it is very extremely liquid and virtually all major crypto exchanges trade it on their platforms!

The price of the token:

    The price of Kadena was gravitating around 0,38 cents per token until it surged to its all-time high of about 24$ per token. Needless to say, if you had an ample amount of the token at that time and even if you didn't manage to sell at the top of the market, you would have made about 40-60 times your investment.
    Well imagine if you were to get a GoldShell KD MAX and mine for the rest of the bear market, that is estimated to continue for about 3 years, or the duration until the next BTC halving. This would leave you with about 26,000 coins ready to be sold on the next peak. And if the bottom is in at around 2$ per KDA, we could quite comfortably expect a nice surge to the higher 100$ per token for the next peak of the crypto market! This would net us a nice profit of 2,600,000!

GoldShell KD MAX
GoldShell KD MAX

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