AnexMiner is the fresh new begging of ETH mining!

 AnexMiner ET7 will change the ETH mining world forever once it comes out!


    The biggest change in Ethereum mining has been announced with the AnexMiner and it is soon going to be released to the market. It has never been so easy to set up a profitable mining rig, and how profitable this one is! A whooping 6000MH/s for a 3200 Watts of power for efficiency of 0.52/M. To put those numbers into money, you would be mining about 27 ETH coins per year for about $120 of cost per month, at a 0,11 cents per watt. There is of course a difference in electricity cost depending on where you are and whether you are using renewable energy souses.

    Another nice perspective is that you would be using 9 times more electricity If you were to have the same hashing power with a GPU rig. A single AnexMiner ET7 equals 70 RTX 3080 graphic cards, which would not only take a lot more space but also waste about $900 more in electricity in comparison to the dedicated miner!

    There have been quite the grand speculations, but one thing is for sure, the price of ETH is going o be going up in the long run. Some crypto experts believe that the price could reach a high number of $180,000 by the next 10 or even 7 years' time! This is no joke of a number, but the amount of businesses and developers working on top of the ETH app has been growing in number every year, they add value and utility to the ecosystem indirectly. Honestly, this absurd number does not seem too unrealistic knowing what awaits us in the future!

AnexMiner ET7
AnexMiner ET7

 The Merge will not be with us very soon!

    There are quite a bit of people that get discouraged to get into mining when they hear about the upcoming “Merge”, which would change ETH from proof of work to proof of stake, and make it impossible to mine ever again. It is true that it will happen, but it will not be happening in the near 2 years! Not to mention that when the system does eventually come, mining and staking are going to be happening at the same time for a period of time, until proof of stake completely takes over and makes mining obsolete!

    This whole thing gives us more than enough time to get the most out of our AnexMiner! That would be around years worth of mining, which would let us mint about 70 tokens or more for that amount of time! This is more than enough time to pay for the initial investment in the miner, and let's not forget that we will always be able to mine classic eth and other tokens!  


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